2013… seriously!?!

I’m incredibly sad to hear that the final book of Robert Jordan’s mammoth series, A Wheel of Time, is only going to be released on 8 January 2013. Is it because I’m looking forward to the end and really want to see the end? Not particularly. In the beginning, I loved the series as much as any of the hardcore fans out there. But as the series wore on (and I seriously mean wore on), my interest waned and it turned into a form of loathing. It became worse than some of the “soapies” members of my family watched. Whole books ground out with nothing significant happening for eight-hundred and fifty pages out of nine hundred pages.

The series had originally started out as a planned trilogy and now thirteen books later fans are left to wait another year for a supposed final book. But what is to stop the publisher from deciding they want to grind out a couple more books before the fated Final Battle? “Hey, how about we turn it into a twenty book series?” In my mind, book ten and eleven could have both been trimmed down and combined into a single book, at the very least.

I’m not going to be in line to buy the book on the day it comes out or any other day after that, so why do I care when it comes out? My interest comes from the fact that my favourite author of the current crop, Brandon Sanderson, has been roped into finalising the series. This is where there’s a bit of a double-edged sword to the whole matter. I have to wonder if I would have ever “discovered” his writing if I hadn’t heard he had been chosen to finish The Wheel of Time series. He has brought out the first volume of his Stormlight Archives, The Way of Kings, since he has taken over the writing of the Wheel of Time but the second novel has been put on hold until he has been able to finish A Memory of Light. So if it means that we will only see the last WOT entry in 2013, it only means that we have that much longer to wait before he can get going on Stormlight 2.

I suppose they don’t say that patience is a virtue for nothing.