The end of 2009 and the start of FIFA World Cup 2010

I live in South Africa and so the start of 2010 means only one thing – the advertising campaign for the soccer world cup will only ramp up even more to ridiculous proportions, so that everything is soaked with 2010 SWC.

There has been some complaints from FIFA that there isn’t enough of an anticipatory atmosphere for the tournament in South Africa and that not enough South Africans are purchasing tickets.  Well excuse me, high and mighty FIFA but the average demographic of South Africa means that the majority of those in South Africa will not be able to pay the exhorbitant prices for tickets.  The cheapest tickets are around R500 for a single ticket.  I wouldn’t even pay that much for a rugby game, where our team actually has a chance of winning and that I actually watch.

Added to the above, is the ridiculously complicated system put in place for buying tickets where you apply for tickets and your name gets put into a lottery and if your name comes up you get the tickets.  There are plenty of people in South Africa who have actually wanted to and tried to buy tickets, but your ludicrous lottery means that they are not allocated these tickets.

So whose fault is it that not too many people from South Africa are buying tickets?

And then there are the price hikes which have been put in place for the tournament.  Want a ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town?  What would have probably set you back about R2,000 today will cost you in excess of R20,000 for a one way ticket and that’s cattle class.

Hopefully 2010 will be a better year than 2009, although a lot was achieved this year.  My wife and I welcomed our first son into the world.  I finished my first manuscript which is currently being submitted to everyone.  And I finally found a company where I am happy.

So here’s to 2010:  May the best of your past be the worst of your future.