Best audiobook series

I started to listen to audiobooks almost two years ago after I found that I couldn’t only listen to music or the radio on my long commute to and from work.  In the beginning, I spent almost four hours in my car a day and so I had to look for the really long audio books to get the best value for money for the amount of time I’d need to use them (typical accountant).

But after I moved companies to one which was further away but took less time to reach (traffic, no figure) I decided to get books which might be a little shorter.  That is when I found Storm Front by Jim Butcher, the first book in the Dresden files series.  I eagerly devoured the first four books – the only ones I could get from audible.  I’ve carried on with the normal paperback novels, but they got me interested in the series.

I finished reading/listening to the last available audiobook in February and since then I haven’t been able to find an audiobook which is equal to any of the audiobooks I can get.  If only could obtain the rights to sell the audiobooks to the rest of the world other than the States.  On that day, they will be on my list to get, even though I might have already read the hardcopy.

The quest continues to find an audiobook which is almost as good.