Pecan Hill

‘The Devil made me do it.’

Sean Alexander always believed it was the convenient excuse of politicians and celebrities caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  But when he gives up his career to open the coffee shop his late wife always dreamt of running, he finds out that maybe the devil did have a hand in ‘it’.  Customers start acting out their fantasies and desires, desires normally kept private.

When a serial killer starts to stalk the clubs and bars of Lower Manhattan, using Central Park as his dumping ground while Sean witnesses the murders in his dreams, it becomes clear that something is very wrong and that the store is at the centre of his troubles.

A dark stranger tries to convince him using both persuasion and force to betray the memory of his wife but after all attempts prove futile, the stranger starts to take out his frustrations on the people around Sean and destroy what little is left of his life.  Sean is able to discover the source of the trouble, a gateway allowing demons to possess the store’s patrons, with the help of an Eastern Mystic and is able to stop the terror in the store.  But not before it takes Sean’s only hope of rebuilding his life away and escapes from New York.

Sean and the mystic follow the source of the demons to Thailand, his only thoughts on revenge, where they are able to enlist the aid of Quade Beale, one of the Children of the Lost.  The demons take the other Children, leaving Quade alone and he only wants to get his life back.

But in the end, Sean must venture into the lair of the demon and face the spawn of Satan alone.


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