Missing my writing

I have to admit that I am missing my writing incredibly. I started my Masters in Financial Management this year and as such I have not had much time or opportunity to be able to write and there is a feeling that I have an itch that I just can’t scratch. I am so busy with everything else, I just can’t devote as much time as I would like to the art. Yes, I am a financial manager and when I am in the depths of my job and busy with it I do enjoy it, although there seems to be so few of those days lately. But I am also creative and I miss being able to express that with my writing.

At the end of last year, I managed to finish the first draft of my Beast of Ragnarok and need to finish its edit to bring it closer to the end of being the finished product. But there is also another project which has really been crying out with a siren song and that is The Children of the Dragon and both want me to sit down and devote a little bit of time to it. But I just can’t seem to get there. I have been indulging the longing with short bursts that I can spare but it never feels enough.

One day I’ll be back!


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