Favourite Bands – The Killers

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I love my music and can barely get through life without some form of music playing in the background. Hell, my boss will tell you that the music that comes out of office sometimes doesn’t always fit with his image for an accountant. It’s also one of the things which act as a trigger for our memories and you can’t help but think of the first time you heard a favourite song and it brings back the emotions that you were feeling when you first heard it or when it was playing in the background during an important event in one’s life.

Recently, one of my favourites has been The Killers out of Las Vegas with Brandon Flowers as their front man. I only have to put their albums on shuffle on my iPod to relive some of the more poignant of my recent memories. Their song, All These Things That I have Done off their album Hot Fuss will make me think of Friday nights at the office where I did my articles as the article clerks cracked a beer and relaxed after some trying weeks. Or my wedding, when one of those friends was calling for the DJ to play the song for most of the night (he eventually did). Read my Mind from Sam’s Town will make me think of my time in New York when I was seconded there for four months away from the girlfriend (now wife) and how some of those days were so incredibly hard to get through.

The one song that never fails to bring the emotions welling up is Human off of Day and Age. It was the big single at the time when my wife was pregnant with our first child and I had voted for it in a local chart show. One day I got a call from my wife that something wasn’t right and I had to rush back from work to take her to the hospital. The nurses were busy with my wife and I got the call from the radio station that they wanted me to dedicate the song as an intro. This was five minutes after hearing that there was a very good chance that we had lost him. It was something very difficult to do without bursting into tears (ala Andy Murray) but something I managed to do. Thankfully, we didn’t lose him and six months later he was born.

Of course, every time I hear the song I think of Declan and how grateful I am that things worked out in our favour and he is in our lives.