A General Update

Pecan Hill

For some reason, I just can’t get Pecan Hill out of my mind. It has been almost six months since I put the project aside and dropped it into the trunk and I still can’t get it out of my mind. It really does drive a person insane. I should really just put this project out of mind, but it still crops up from time to time.



This short story, for which I got an honourable mention for the Writers of the Future Q4 is being sent out to possible publishers to find a home. I have sent it to one market and have waited longer than they asked, sent a reminder and have still not heard anything so the next step would be to try to find another possibility and submit there without waiting for the last one to respond. It has been three months for a story which is just over four thousand words.


Lords of the Apocalypse: War’s Regret

I have finished the first draft for this project. Although I’m more inclined to think of it as Draft Zero because of the massive amount of issues in it that need to be changed. A short list would be:

  • Make sure everything tracks and that it just doesn’t jump around too much.
  • One storyline was changed in the middle of the story – I have to get the storyline right from the beginning until the end
  • One of the protagonists is far too passive – I will probably have to remove them entirely and reduce their plot line from being one of the more predominant ones to one which is in the background and viewed from the outside.

That, of course, excludes any line edits and all of them are pure story edits.



This is probably the one thing which is holding back my writing the most at the moment. I am about seventy percent of the way through George R R Martin’s A Storm of Swords and am pushing to try and finish reading it. It’s one of the novels I have enjoyed the most this year and has really grabbed me entirely.