I’m just feeling so frustrated at the moment that if somebody said the wrong thing I’m afraid I might just snap and beat seven different kind of snot out of them.  The funny thing is that today has been a good day.  Yesterday was the literal day from hell where nothing could go right and everything which could go wrong – did.

The Spingboks are out of the World Cup because of a cheating referee who has made me question where I want to carry on following rugby or sport at all.  But that was two weeks ago and since then the Boks have come back and bolstered the Sharks who destroyed the table-topping Lions 53-9 to secure a home semi.

My writing has been going “okay”.  I haven’t been burning the word processor but you could say that I am busy making progress.  I’ve finished a rejigged schedule of scenes for Pecan Hill and am busy shifting existing scenes around according to the new schedule and writing the new scenes which are missing.  The next step is to make sure my characters shine through and line edits.  So I’m definitely getting there.

So why do I feel like Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters Walk music video?


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