I Feel Sorry For The All Blacks

I am a rabid Springbok fan but I have to admit that I feel sorry for the All Black rugby players. These rugby players carry with them the hopes of a whole nation to overturn a 24 year drought in the World Cup. They have come so close so many times only to fall short each and every time. New Zealand dominates the periods between World Cups only to fall short at the big event.

The World Cup is being held in New Zealand this year (quite possibly for the last time EVER), so it would be the perfect time for them to win the World Cup. Every team is a different proposition in their home country and the All Blacks are no different. The only question is whether they can handle to pressure heaped onto their shoulders. The pressure would have only become more after the loss on Saturday. The loss means that they go into the World Cup on the back of two losses and surely people must be starting to question whether they have the ability to be able to win it this year.

I will reiterate that they will be a different team at home but they have never had the kind of pressure they will have on their shoulders while playing a game at home. I can’t help but wonder how the All Blacks will react if a must-win match when they’re eight to ten points down. Will they try to throw miracle passes to try and breach defences. If so, there is a good chance they’ll pass an intercept try and then it’ll be good night nurse.

Like I said, I feel sorry for the All Blacks.


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