Am I trying to do too much?

I have to admit that lately I’ve felt the desire to be published and to be published sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s simply a side effect of my personality and the age of instant gratification that this waiting around to be published is getting too much. Maybe my focus is too scattered and I need to decide which projects are the most important and focus on those projects and finish them.


The projects I have been working on in the past six months include:

  • The short story for my writing group anthology (first draft due 31 July 2011);
  • The short story I plan to submit to the latest Writers of the Future competition (due 30 September 2011);
  • Pecan Hill (first draft completed);
  • Pecan Hill (back-end planning to try and put some structure into the manuscript);
  • Lords of the Apocalypse (series planning)
  • When Angels Fall (series planning – possible self-publication)


I think that is far too many projects for someone who has a full-time job which expects him to accomplish objectives on a tight timeline. I doubt that even a full-time author would be able to juggle as many projects at the same time (maybe I’m underestimating them). But it should be clear that I need to prioritize my projects and decide what projects I am going to be following and postponing the other projects until later when I have finished the current project.


It’s only through this method that I’ll actually be able to accomplish anything. The only question is what projects to postpone and which ones need to be completed now (I am, of course, placing the short stories at the top of the list as they have definite due dates).


One thought on “Am I trying to do too much?

  1. I have found that I can only work on one project at a time. While I write my short story contribution to the group anthology, my novel languishes. If we didn’t have day jobs, we could probably work on a couple projects at once. I, for one, like to focus and get deep into a story, which is why I tend to only read one book at a time until finished, before starting another book.

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