The final moments of Fringe: Season 3

Okay, I normally don’t post a review of television programs, possibly because down here in South Africa we are so far behind the States in our programming that it doesn’t actually matter. Fringe, which in my opinion, is one of the best television series’ ever made. Season Three of the show has really changed it up from the previous seasons and the twists and turns have been completely unexpected. The story has had a long story arc and things have been building towards this point.

The Recap

Peter Bishop has finally climbed into the machine which he has been marked as being destined to control to destroy the alternate dimension after the other side started their own doomsday machine. Instead of destroying the machine, he is flung into the future to witness the ramifications of activating the machine and using to destroy the machine. Peter is returned to the machine, with the knowledge that if he activates the machines, it will not only destroy the alternate universe but ultimately destroy the current reality as well.

Instead of destroying one reality he creates a bridge between the two realities so they can start to repair the damage to both. He is halfway through the explanation of what he has done when he simply disappears.

Outside the warehouse, the Observers have gathered and the one says that Peter has fulfilled his purpose and that he never existed anyway.

My Commentary

Huh? What?

Peter never existed!?! Everything which has happened in the series has really been because of Peter. Walter opened a doorway to the other reality to find the alternate reality and give him the cure which he only developed after his own Peter died of the same disease. It was this initial doorway into the alternate universe which started the damage on the far side which had Walternate try to destroy the current reality.

There lies the problem. Peter and his existence is the very reason why the damage had started and why the two realities need to come together to repair the damage.

It creates a paradox.

Because if Peter never existed then there was no need for Walter to open a doorway to the other side. And if Walter hadn’t opened a doorway there would be no damage and no need for either side to join together to fix these damages.

I don’t know what will happen in Season Four but I’m hoping Fringe doesn’t pull a Lost and only ask more questions without answering any of the existing questions.


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