Congratulations to Lauren Beukes

Congratulations to South African author Lauren Beukes who won the Arthur C Clarke award for the best Science Fiction Fantasy novel to be published in the UK for 2010. I have to be honest and state that I have not read her novel and with my current reading list I won’t have time to read it for a long time but it certainly does provide the hope that I will be able to break into the foreign markets from South Africa.

I suppose the fact that there were so few examples of authors who have been able to break into the SFF publishing market in the UK/US was a pretty concerning fact for me. A part of me was always confident I would be able to do it, but it would mean I would have to break new ground.

There are probably more SA authors who are being published abroad but I haven’t heard of them; although I do not claim to be an expert or know everyone who has been published and their nationality.


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