Holidays and Thoughts of the Future

It’s the Easter weekend and it means a nice holiday down by the coast. People up in Pretoria are suffering from the cold while we’re down in tropical heat and getting serious tans. We’ve managed to go down to the beach every single day so far although a bit of a storm has blown in this afternoon so we’ll have to see if we get to see the beach the rest of the time we’re here. Unfortunately, we only have two days left down here before we have to go back up to the rush of our normal lives.

I guess the only thing we can do is enjoy the time we have left here. There is a big Super 15 game here on Saturday between the Sharks and the Hurricanes and the first thing we did when we got here was to go to the stadium, Mr Price Kings Park, to buy our tickets. So they’re now secure and we can relax knowing we’ll be going to the game.

The break has also given me the chance to take a step back away from my writing as well and allowed me to get some perspective on the future and where I want to be going.

  • Do I want to be a published author?
    • Absolutely. There is nothing else in the world I want more than to be a published author.
  • Is there only one way to be published?
    • Definitely not. The fact that e-publishing has opened the market to be self-published with greater ease means there is definitely more than just the traditional path.
  • What path do I think I should follow?
    • I’ve been toying with the idea that I should try both routes.


    Thoughts of the future

    I’ve been thinking I should maybe try both routes. There are two distinct paths, or rather sub-genres, I am involved in at the moment and maybe I should split my writing in the future. I would write under a pseudonym in the one route and then in the still murky future, when I can see which path is better than the other I can then merge my future writing into the one path as well as go the route of Steven King/Richard Bachman in merging the identities.

    Self-publishing will require a lot more work from my side in terms of my own publicity, editing, etc. all of which are things which a publishing house would do themselves. In my eye, this means that while a lot of people might think they get more money out from self-publishing there are some things which the publishing houses would pay for and the risks which a publishing house would take, would be on my own shoulders. This would mean that as the author I would have to look at business decisions like break-even sales and the source of capital.

    Times certainly are changing.


One thought on “Holidays and Thoughts of the Future

  1. Nice beach pics. We’re starting to warm up nicely here in the Southwestern U.S. The future is indeed intriguing for the writer. I, too, have gone through the decision making process to evaluate the viability of e-publishing versus traditional. I must say I’m seriously leaning towards e-publishing and all the effort that goes with it. That way I’m selling days after my book is finished, not months or years later, when the agent and publisher are finally lined up and the publication schedule is set.

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