Manning up and moving on from disaster

As you would no doubt remember from a recent post, I suffered from my own idiocy and managed to lose my memory stick which contained my planning for the project Spoil the Child. It might’ve been the perfect time to simply abandon the project and move on. It was a lot of work that had to be recovered and to be honest, I still haven’t caught up in my planning to where I was before the loss. I am working on it and will eventually catch up to where I was. I know the story is one that needs to be written and that I need to write it.

Man up and stop whining!!

But there is also the previous project which I was working on, Pecan Hill, which is still rooting around in my brain and calling out for my attention. I know that I have said in the past that I was putting it to one side, but it has come back to haunt me, as it always does. It’s the second novel that I finished writing, but the first one that I have poured so much of my energy and time in. The current draft is about draft twenty, or somewhere close. I think maybe the reason why I wanted to drop the novel in the trunk is that I was bored. I wasn’t as excited about the project anymore and I thought that if I was bored, then the reader would also be bored. The question though is whether I was bored because I had covered the work so many times or because it was really just boring content. Either way, I needed a break.

I found myself in the car, the other day, with my radio switched off and my iPod in the cubbyhole. I wanted to brainstorm for Spoil and I didn’t want to have any distractions. But the more I tried to think about Spoil, the more my mind turned back to Pecan Hill. One of the armed forces (and I want pretend to know exactly who it is) has the motto ‘No man gets left behind’ and I realised I was leaving Pecan Hill behind. The more I thought about it, the more I thought of everything that still had to happen in the story for the novel to be finished.

The answer came back as not a lot and the best was that my projected word count was only 20,000 words off and I still had so much left to get into the story. I realised I had been complaining about how bored I was with the story but hadn’t been thinking about what needed to happen to get to the end of the story. Pecan Hill is still my discovery writing baby, even though I plotted the first half for the latest draft rather intensely, while Spoil is the start of my outlined stories.

So that’s it for me. Time to man up, sit down with my hands on my keyboard and get it done. I’ve sacrificed so much to get Pecan Hill into the condition it is in today and it would be nothing short of criminal if I were to abandon it simply because I’d gone through it too much. There is only another twenty thousand words of the first draft of its latest incarnation left and then about four to five revised drafts, but this first draft is the doozy.

Let’s knuckle down and get it done.


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