When Tragedy strikes

Okay, so this isn’t exactly like somebody died but it is a tragedy without a doubt. I switched my laptop the other night to find that my book guide to Spoil the Child had been cut in half. For some reason, my laptop in all of its infinite wisdom decided to destroy almost half of my planning for my novel. About a third of the outline which I’d already put down had disappeared along with several of my character sketches and my work on the magic system. It’s not too horrifying as I can remember most of what I put down but this could mean a huge change in the final analysis of the novel. Could how the novel ends up be different as a result of this loss?

I have no idea because I’ll never have the two versions to compare to each other. But what it is is incredibly frustrating. This planning and outline phase at the beginning of my project was something I was trying out and hoping it would work for me. I’ve always felt that I was more of a discovery writer as every time I have ever tried to outline or plan it has ended with me abandoning the project before it’s off the floor. I promised myself I would finish the outlining and planning in its entirety before I started to work on the actual manuscript. This is just adding insult to injury as I now have to complete half the planning all over again. And then still go further and finish it all off.

Almost makes me want to just start writing like in the old days…


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