Filling the “Trunk”

Every writer has something they refer to as their trunk. It’s the place where all of their old stories are sent once they have finished with writing them and they have decided they’re not worthy of being sent out or they’ve been sent out and summarily rejected by everyone who has a chance to look at it. Or maybe just look at the query letter without seeing any of the actual novel.

I suppose you could say that I’ve been struggling with the tipping point of where to draw the line and send a novel to the trunk. There is, of course, one novel to which I am definitely thinking and referring of and if you’ve been following this blog then you should know what I’m talking about – Pecan Hill. I’ve been busy with the novel since 2008 and probably for several years before since the idea first struck me and I started to seriously think about writing it all down. I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have been working on one novel for their whole lives. Pecan Hill is a grim story about a man who has basically lost everything and I have to admit that there are times when his thoughts of depression have affected me. This is probably because the whole novel is written in first person, so I’m a lot closer to the story than if I’d chosen to use limited third person.

Hell, maybe I’ll even come back to it one day when I have broken through and fix it up to the point where it can be published and send it off. There is no chance of it being able to survive if I sent it off by itself without major overhauls.

The question is, of course, what to move onto. There are my fantasy stories but I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s the wrong genre for me. I want to be unique and so I’m trying to write these stories which are different to what is already in the market. Hell, having the Four Horsemen as the rulers seems to be pretty original to me. But maybe I’m overthinking the whole thing and should settle into the “normal” genre concepts like elves and dwarves (can you hear the sneer?). I’m not a fan of using elves and dwarves in a fantasy setting. Tolkien brought them to life in his life’s work and it seems as though everyone after him has gone for the norm and used them. Of course, that’s generalisation – not everyone uses elves and dwarves but I hope you have got my point.

I was thinking that maybe I should sink my teeth back into Spoil the Child. I know that I can finish a story in that vein which makes relative sense and besides this has been percolating in my mind for a while. I know where the story must go. Added to that is the fact that I know that it will come in under that magical 100K breakthrough word count limit.

There is so much to think about…


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