The Wheel of Time: To finish it or call it quits? – UPDATED

If you people have been following my blog you will know that I have something of a love-hate relationship with the series Wheel of Time.  Don’t get me wrong – it started like a house on fire and I believed there wasn’t a fantasy series which could be better (I’ve changed my mind for another series which other people either love or hate, the Malazan Empire series by Steven Erikson).  But with every book that passed, it become more and more of a labour to finish and to read to the point where it feels as though someone’s going to call out “These are the Days of our Lives”.

Towers of Midnight eBook cover

Unfortunately, Robert Jordan passed on before he could finish the series and the flame has been passed onto the more than capable Brandon Sanderson to finish.  According to Jordan there was only one book left in the series, although let’s be honest, he wasn’t the best judge of how long it would take to finish the series since he had originally estimated that it would only take six books to finish.  That increased to nine and then twelve and now the word is that it will be fourteen in total.

I’m at a crossroad because there is a part of me which wants to find out what will happen with Rand in the end, but there is another part which is telling me to give it up and find out on online synopsis.

I managed to read the first five novels but something changed in the sixth book and I couldn’t force myself through it.  Eventually I got the audiobook and finished it and soon followed it with seven through nine.  But the ninth book seemed to drag and I hear ten and eleven are even worse.  So there is also the question whether I should just skip the next two novels and go straight to The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight where the series picks up again.

I thought the best thing would be is to put it up to popular opinion to see whether I should finish it, leave it or skip to Book 12.

Update:  I eventually decided to carry on with the series and am currently busy with Book Ten.  Admittedly, it does drag a bit but it doesn’t feel as bad as I had remembered.  But it is early days and there are so few books left, I may as well power through.


2 thoughts on “The Wheel of Time: To finish it or call it quits? – UPDATED

  1. I’m in the same boat. I quit after book ten and have avoided book eleven for a couple years now. With Brandon Sanderson finishing, I’m tempted to resume, but now that I’ve started Sanderson’s own epic “The Way of Kings” I can’t see when I’ll have any time to read in the Wheel of Time…

    1. I’m also busy with “The Way of Kings” at the moment. It was brilliant in the beginning but dragged a little in the middle but it feels as though it’s started to pick up again.

      I’ve started to read The Wheel of Time again. Although thankfully I have it as an audiobook and listen to it on the way home. That way I’m not wasting any reading time. I’m busy listening to book ten. I thought it’s so close to the end now I may as well persevere and get it done. It takes about an hour in either direction and yesterday Jordan described what Elayne was wearing for a whole hour. It would’ve taken me years to read the actual novel. Needless to say it was incredibly irritating.

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