Review of 2010

I suppose everybody has a review of 2010 and this is mine. I’ll limit my review to the media which I enjoyed and maybe even the media which I didn’t enjoy. Please note, that this may be a little dated but this is what I read, watched and played this year.

Best book or series

This has to be a tie.

I couldn’t decide between Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy (although I haven’t finished reading the third book, it is in my pile to be read) and Jim Butcher’s awesome Dresden novels. The Dresden Files had me wishing I could climb into my car so I could listen to the audiobooks, although I have ‘graduated’ to the hard copies due to international rights making it impossible to get the whole series off Audible. Mistborn grabbed me on my only holiday this year and wouldn’t let go until I’d finished.

The fact that Butcher is still writing Dresden novels and Sanderson has announced a new novel for Mistborn is certainly a good omen for me going forward.

Best PS3 game

This has to be split between “normal” PS3 and sports PS3.

I don’t often buy sports games but the one I did buy this year has certainly been value-for-money in that I have already spent several hours working on my Pro in NHL 11 with the Rangers and haven’t even graduated to trying to win the Stanley Cup playing the whole team or advanced in difficulty. I think this one will keep me entertained for ages.

The other game has to be Darksiders. There are its detractors but then there will always be someone who isn’t happy with something but since this is my list, screw ’em, I enjoyed it and am still playing it, although NHL has taken me away from it.

The big disappointment must be Bioshock. I know, I know, lots of people have enjoyed it and loved it but this is my list remember and I didn’t like it.

Best movie

To be honest, I have no idea. I haven’t watched many new movies this year and none of them stand out.

Although there are a few which have stood out as being complete crap:

Time Travellers Wife – what a complete snore-athon. He’s there and next minute he’s gone. Who cares? I kept hoping to develop time travelling abilities of my own and leap to the end of this one.

Gamer – another crapper. I have no idea what Gerard Butler was thinking when he made this movie but someone must have spiked his drink when he agreed. I couldn’t help but think we’d already seen this movie before when it was called The Running Man with the Gov. Back then though it was better.


2 thoughts on “Review of 2010

  1. I’m going to have to agree with the Mistborn Trilogy, but I actually think I finished the series in 2009. For me the best read of 2010 was Rothfuss’s “The Name of the Wind”. What a find!

    Movies…definitely “Inception” a must see if you like mindbending movies….

  2. I agree that Inception was absolutley brilliant. I watched it on New Year’s Day but it was great.

    My only quarrel was the ending with the top. I thought it almost destroyed everything before it as a “dream”. It has really made me think about the story’s validity. I guess I’m still trying to decide, but I really enjoyed it and in my opinion it’s a sign of a great movie if it has the audience thinking after the credits have already rolled.

    I agree that “The Name of the Wind” was an excellent novel. I actually had a blog post almost right at the beginning of my blogging about it and called it “The redemption of Fantasy” after I felt that The Wheel of Time had almost destroyed it for me. I only read the Mistborn series after TNoW and I actually got more of a zing from MB.

    Thanks for reading by the way.

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