Life’s little hurdles

It seems as though life always manages to throw these little roadblocks up in our way.  I know it’s not only me but sometimes it feels as though someone in authority has it in for me and wants to punish me for some ancient evil I can’t even remember.

The latest little horror thrown into my life is the knowledge that the revenue authorities here in South Africa (SARS, like that killer flu strain a few years ago and it fits so well) have decided to audit the company where I’m the financial manager.  We don’t have anything to hide so I’m not frightened of that, but it’s the inconvenience and the explanations they’ll want.  I used to be an auditor (thankfully, not for SARS, it requires a certain kind of person to become a SARS auditor) so I know what is coming.  Never mind the fact that we have our normal audit also coming up.

Anyway, the family and I are heading down to Durban for a nice long weekend starting on Thursday so it’s going to be nice to get away from work even if it is only for a long weekend, I missed the one in September because I was in Finland on business.  The only pity is that I’m going to be there a week too early.  If we went next weekend, I might have been able to go to the Currie Cup Final in which my team, The Sharks, are playing.

They were written off before the semis and managed to beat the champion Bulls, although the score could have been higher.  The game was delayed when a swarm of bees invaded the pitch as the game was about to kick-off.  There was a forty minute delay while the groundskeepers tried to evict the bees.  There were tons of cheesy one liners about the bees during the game and even now.  I found out today though that in Zulu culture the appearance of a swarm of bees is a sign of good luck.  It certainly worked a charm for The Sharks from Kwa-ZULU Natal.


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