To pseudonym or not to pseudonym

I suppose that is really the question.

I have finished several drafts of Pecan Hill and I find there just something missing. A certain grit. A grit which really needs to be there. I know that some writers use pseudonyms for writing which they can’t “write” themselves. It’s not only because they don’t want certain relatives to find out what they have been writing and hence dreaming about. Stephen King used the pseudonym of Richard Bachman for a few years for a dual purpose:

  1. To test whether his success could be repeated; and
  2. To write certain books which only Richard Bachman who was rougher and coarser than himself could write.

Maybe I should be using a pseudonym for the same purpose. No, not to test whether my success can be repeated (what success?) but rather to see if using a pseudonym will help me to be a little coarser and add the necessary grit. The only question is what pseudonym to use.

I’ll have to give it a think.


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