Falling Behind

Boy does time disappear if you don’t pay attention.

The entire Super 14 has passed, at least for the Sharks. We never did get over the fact that we had two of our flyhalves have season ending injuries (Juan Martin Hernandez) or suddenly retire (Steve Meyer) and had to rope in a telltubby (Andy Goode) to take the pivotal role. I suppose it could have all been avoided if Ruan Pienaar had slotted into the position but he is adamant that scrumhalf is his position and who is to argue after the season he’s had. Besides the poor guy has been messed around with his position for too long. Long story short though is that the Sharks lost the first five games of the season before being able to win seven out of the final eight. Oh well, there’s always next year.

And then there have been frustrations over my path going forward. I completed a course for my writing and it made me realise some major changes which needed to be made in Pecan Hill. I started to try and rewrite Pecan Hill but was so frustrated. I’ve already gone through six/seven drafts and it feels as though I’m starting from the beginning of the whole process again. There isn’t really any guidance related to what to do now so I was stuck for a while. But eventually I’ve decided to put Pecan on the back burner and do something else, something different for a while before coming back to it. So I’ve started with When Angels Fall again, right from the beginning, but with its major changes. I could say it’s exactly the same as Pecan Hill but it’s not. This is the whole package, rebuilding from the ground up with a new (hopefully original) system of magic in it and a change in the characters as well. Once I’ve managed to get to the end of this draft, I’ll go back to Pecan and correct that. The changes in Pecan are nowhere near as much and maybe I just need a little time away to get the passion for the story back again.

The little chap also had his first birthday two weeks ago as well. He really is growing up quickly. It’s hard to remember a time when he was not around. Our friends had their first on Monday and we went to meet the new addition, Kaela. I can’t remember Declan being that small or should I say young. Kaela is only 2.4 kgs; when Declan was born he was 3,9kgs.


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