It’s Funny How the Mind Works

It’s funny how the mind works.

It’s been three years since I came back from New York, but every so often my mind goes back there.  Actually, every time I get stuck into the billtionth draft of Pecan Hill, my mind has to go back.

The problem is that I thought Pecan Hill was finished.  I can tick that story idea off as done and move on to my next idea.  I needed to move on; the constant changes were driving me mad.  It wasn’t that anyone was sitting on my back and complaining about changes.  That was all me.  I went through half a dozen times, looking if it was flowing correctly, the language right; the spelling perfect.  I’d put it to one side and climbed into Spoil the Child while I sent out queries for Hill.  I was loving writing Spoil but when I started an online writing course, I realised Pecan Hill wasn’t done.  It was a long way from done – a very long way.  I realised the opening was too slow and that the book only heats up halfway through.  Once people hit that mark, they can’t put it down.  But they need to hit that mark.

I needed to put more hooks into the beginning, create the urge, the desire, for the reader to carry on reading and get to the point where the impetus of the story drives them on.  Of course, when I started to fix the beginning, I realised the writing wasn’t where it needed to be.  I have to start over with the billion and first draft.

And once that’s done, I’ll have to go back for another draft to correct line edits.  I hate line edits.

But I’ll do it because I’m committed.


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