The start of the Christmas season

November and NaNoWriMo have come and gone… incredibly quickly.  In fact, it seems as though the whole year as disappeared.  And hasn’t life changed since the beginning of the year.

I have gone from a job which I have detested to a job which I am still really enjoying… it’s actually a record for me to be enjoying the job this long.  But I have finished one manuscript, Pecan Hill, which I worked incredibly hard on and which I think I will still be working incredibly hard on.  I’m currently trying to entice an agent into actually reading.  The only thing I’ve been able to do so far is to get a few form rejections.  I’m trying to stay positive about the whole process but it does get to me some days.  I thought I had finally crafted the perfect query letter, but it took less than twenty-four hours for an agent to dismiss it.  Maybe it just wasn’t her cup of tea.

I had illusions of maybe self-publishing, but my stomach twists into a horrible knot every time I think of it.  I have discovered a website, not discovered like Columbus discovered America or Van Riebeek South Africa, called Lulu where you upload your manuscript formatted for printing and they print the copies every time someone orders a copy.  I’m incredibly tempted to load my manuscript, properly formatted and with a nice cover, and then ordering one copy just so that I have a copy for myself of the novel and don’t have to wait years to see how it looks once it has been published and then still try and find an agent and go the conventional route.

Declan is growing up so quickly and it’s hard to believe that on Saturday he will already be seven months old.  He’s gotten into such a cute phase at the moment though.

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