Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

I love reading and when I ‘discovered’ Dan Brown a few years I believed I had found an author I could trust and know that I would enjoy. I didn’t start with The Da Vinci Code as so many other people did but rather with Deception Point and worked my way up to Da Vinci Code with the other books before I jumped into his most popular book. I enjoyed all of them, although to be honest I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code less than any of the others but I still enjoyed it. So ever since I heard that Dan Brown would be releasing a new book soon, I have been waiting with bated breath.

Perhaps I was expecting too much. I naturally assumed that since he had taken six years (about) to write it that it would be decent. Now don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it and it certainly helped me to pass the time on a long trip to Helsinki (about sixteen hours one way) but there was just something about the book which seemed to be wrong. And then I realised it. It felt as though I was reading the Da Vinci Code all over again but with different characters (other than Robert Langdon) set in Washington instead of Rome. It was as though he had taken the plot points from Da Vinci Code and wrote the Lost Symbol according to that.

I actually found myself hitting a ‘wall’ with the last fifty pages and almost had to force myself to knuckle down and just finish it so that it could be done. By the time that the big ‘twist’ came it had become so obvious that you knew what was going to happen ages before it happened. Hopefully the next Dan Brown book won’t take six years to write and he can use a different plot, which ran along the same line as The Da Vinci Code which ran along the same line as Angels and Demons.


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