To self publish or not

This is a decision which I’ve been wrestling with for a while. Should I choose to press on with my attempts to get an agent and get published the traditional way or should I be a non-conformist and self-publish my works as an e-book or e-books when they become plural. The temptation is to publish the e-book now and become an author immediately – instant gratification – or I can carry on slogging away and carry on with the query letters to agents hoping that one of them will notice my talent and sign me on before their work starts to find a suitable publisher. I use the term ‘become an author’ loosely because I already consider myself an author, I just need to progress now to become a published author.

They say that these new e-readers (the Kindle and the Nook) are the future of publishing and that all books will be electronic in future. Are these e-readers the future of publishing? Probably. I suppose one could say that it is like comparing old LP records or CDs to iPods. But just because they are the future of the publishing industry, it doesn’t mean that the quality of published books needs to go down.

I think that I’ve nailed my colours to the mast.


One thought on “To self publish or not

  1. Hard question. I investigate the idea of self-publishing and then decided against it (at least for the time being). Mostly because if I self-published I would have to somehow find and pay someone to edit my book (I knew it needed a professional edit) and then find someone who could do something with cover art and then I would have to somehow convince someone to sell the book through their site (yes I could sell it from my blog and what not but how many people really would). It just seemed like I would be wading way out into deep water and then not really get anywhere anyway. Now, there are lots of people who have self-published and found it really rewarding. It is defintely an individual decision.

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